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A quick History of Waygu Cattle:

Wagyu cattle (the 4 breeds that help make Kobe and Kobe Style beef) were naturally bred in isolation for several centuries. They are naturally predisposed to higher marbling and in the later centuries were carefully cultivated and bred to other breeds with superior marbling and texture with a goal in mind.

Pure Kobe is a Style of Beef…a way of raising the cattle, processing and so on. NO, they are NOT fed Sake!! It is used to rub their muscles down to relieve stiffness! They are fed special diets and pampered their entire lives to produce some of the most outstanding beef. Pure Kobe is nearly white due to the extreme marbling, it is sliced paper thin, seared briefly, and served at no more than 5 ounces. It is UNREAL!


7. 2 Pack Dakota Strips
Dakota Strips
8. 2 Pack Ribeye

Today in the United States after importing these 2 of 4 breeds into the 1960’s via liquid nitrogen tanks and careful selection of breeding stock there are select bloodlines of the Japanese Black and the Japanese Brown Waygu breeding stock.
Our family has been raising Cattle for 120+ years, we introduced a Wagyu to our herd 20 years ago. We breed our Wagyu to Black Baldie Cows (Hereford x Angus) and produce a higher marbling beef with superior texture to that of the typical Wagyu x Angus. The Hereford is the key to the mix, we have achieved some levels of Prime beef that are not on the normal scale, we get pluses!

Our secret weapon is knowing the genetics and how to get the best out of them. Breeding and Feeding are key, it takes 24 to 36 months to produce a superior Wagyu Carcass! This means resources are tied up for a longer period than in typical feeding to finish scenarios…by resources we mean money. That is why not EVERY rancher can do this and take it from FARM to FORK. Perfection and superior beef are an experience we want to share with people who truly appreciate beef!! We must little bit crazy, but beef is as important as breathing to us! We do love our beef…

6. 4 oz Delmonico Steak
Delmonico Steak
So, order the burger at the Remember When Cafe, and then grab a steak or 3 from our freezer when you leave the store and enjoy your supper! - Love, from the Beef Snob…
5.updated 4 oz Ranch Steak
Ranch Steak
4. oz Tenderloin
2. Rack of Ribs
Rack of Ribs
short ribs new
Short Ribs
1b. Top Sirloi
Top Sirloin